Cossette Vivas Vogel

       Born in the city of Bluefields on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, a United Kingdom enclave during the mid nineteenth century that later hosted a colony of Prussian immigrants. Among them were the Vogel, her maternal family ancestors, of rich culture, strong ethical values and great appreciation for the arts.                 Her paternal family ancestors the Vivas, came from Granada, Nicaragua, Spanish - Creole aristocrats remarkable in politics, literature and industry. At age six she entered a private boarding school, where in addition to her school education, she studied universal culture, etiquette, arts and crafts. Later on, she immigrated to the United States of America with her children, where with great determination, all graduated from college. After graduating of Art and Design studies in Los Angeles, CA, she founded a company of which she is the chief designer. In addition to the novel "Who was Grey", she is writing a series of children's books illustrated with lithographs of her own creation.
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